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There can be no doubt: The heart of baroque music beats in Central Germany! This is true not only regarding the past but certainly also for the present with its vibrant music life in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

The singularity of the Central Germany music scene shows in its remarkable, unrivaled concentration and intensity. In the 17th and 18th centuries the musical hallmark of this region was defined by transfer and transformation, musical styles from across Europe being absorbed and integrated to form a unique regional blend.

What began as a fascinating creative process, today has become an essential aspect of our current music making and scholarly interest and thus also of the MBM’s activities – both on the federal level and on the European platform.

Our joint enthusiasm for the musical and cultural history of Central Germany, the broad interest in reviving this unique treasure of baroque music for our modern aesthetic sensitivities so we can experience it as our own “aesthetic present” – this is where the MBM draws its motivation for the artistic and scholarly endeavors it undertakes, fosters and supports.

These are the goals the MBM pursues with its numerous activities that facilitate a great diversity of initiatives in the arts and in scholarship, hosting its own projects, concerts and music festivals.

For all this we continue to need supporters, fellow campaigners, ambassadors, fans and friends!

Become a member of the MBM and you will find an active network of early music, a forum for artistic and scholarly exchange. And, most of all, let yourself be inspired by a multiplicity of exceptional concerts across Central Germany!

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