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In his lifetime Heinrich Schütz was called the “father of our modern music”, and his contemporaries counted him among the “most eminent musicians in Europe”. Schütz and his music are the point of departure from which the Heinrich Schütz Musikfest explores the history of European music in his century at the original sites of his creative life in Central Germany.

With its unique structuring principle the Heinrich Schütz Musikfest encompasses the three Central German states: With their historical and modern concert halls the three important locations of his life – his birthplace Bad Köstritz, Dresden where he spent his youth and the majority of his professional life, and particularly Weißenfels to which he retired toward the end of his career – are ideal venues for the manifold events offered during the festival.

Choosing a different thematic focus every year, in the month of October internationally renowned artists and emerging young musicians gather at these historic sites and present a highly enjoyable, demanding program of great diversity.

For program details, tickets and background information as well as facts about the Central German Schütz sites etc. see the website of the Heinrich Schütz Musikfest:

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